Whats app concept

Spin up that old thin’..

As far as we can recall, WhatsApp has never updated its interface. Or perhaps they did, but We’ve never taken notice. Either way, the app’s user interace is quite dated so we’ve intending on setting things right by pitching a new WhatsApp design concept for iOS 7.



Pixel study

Sharp emphasizes was conducted to enables smaller thin-film transistors pixels study on how human behave with the app deepest UX level.


Zoom in on UI

We were in the middle of creating or refining WU brand and visual strategy, when we saw a unique opportunity to accelerate our visual updates to ios7.


Organic Architecture

A cleaner and more organic-centric nag system was introduced to reduce friction loss of interest.


Whats app [Pitch]

Spring 2013



Re-design Patterns

Keeping the themes of deference, clarity, and depth in mind we went back to the drawing board and let those themes guide the design and UI of the user experience. Aesthetically, the iOS 6 version of the app was already pretty flat with a lot of simple usable elements that were brand-centric, yet satisfied many of the iOS 7 themes. We were mindful to keep those important elements, while adjusting and sometimes altogether changing certain aspects of the app to better align with iOS 7 best practices.