Sports Insurance is a Sports and Special Event Insurance specialist. They have a unique approach adhering to the highest standards of customer service with the most competitive pricing available in the market.


The Sports Engine

Without the benefit of the technology created by Zoom, previous Sport site had foundered, with the design of smaller sports pages and insurance plans, which were in particular being held back by technology, resource and time constraints.

The older site was built using a static publishing model that meant to create a ‘template’ for every view of sportsinsurance content which was presented to the audience, making it much more costly to repurpose. Zoom has linked data pages around these semantic tags and created a generic metadata sports engine for each piece of their content, providing an API to allow the retrieval of relevant content about each plan that is then dynamically aggregated in a PHP-based Page Assembly Layer (PAL).

Zoom used the same application to aggregate content around ‘smaller plans’ like water sports, fencing and ice hockey, again making use of linked data.

As all areas of the site were in our Sports PAL engine app, we were able to share page components with the rest of the site.
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