Soundcage Brand

SoundCage™, a subset brand of Sonomax, is the leader in earpiece expansion technology, providing the most comfortable, protective, and best sound-enhancing experience in the world.



“get me a package that will move in store”

That is what we heard and this is exactly what we’ve done. However, we added a bit of a twist once you unwrap the box. Interested? Head out to one of Virgin Music stores and get fitted yourself.


Lock it in…but safety first!

As we branded comfort and custom ear piece we almost forgot that the the safety aspect of the product. In America safety sells; i.e. Ask anyone in North America what Volvo stands for; the answer you will get is safety. Today, safety is more than ever a primary consideration when buying a car. It shouldn’t be any different when buying earphones. That should build up the safety aspect of the brand.


Modular sound display. Custom fit!

Zoom has structured a 3D module that was structured within the actual display. The display has generated interest by by passers who wanted to “get caged” and be fitted with this revolutionary custom fit display that has carried the slogan “lock it in”.

From evolution to revolution video


Keeping the sound barrier.

What Zoom was asked to do is to create a buzz (via media vehicles locally at available locations and web landing pages) with a strong call to action approach. “We definitely pushed the “no lose” marketing gimmick (if Bose can do, I think we can do too) as the driver. Once they get to the location targeted, specifically to try the product or “get caged”, we have a much better sell point”. this is all synchronized with web landing pages and mobile apps to help schedule in-store fittings.


Spring 2011

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About the Project

Some websites outperform others, whether in their content, usability, design, features, etc. Details of interaction design and animation make a fundamental difference on modern websites.

The point was not to show the latest and fanciest interaction techniques, but rather to highlight how small interaction details can significantly improve the user experience.

If we are to design better digital products, then we need to challenge our current beliefs and see how interaction patterns can potentially ease the soundcage user’s life. We defenitly did not reinvent the wheel, but we thought that it is pretty naive to stop exploring. So, we steeped out of our comfort zone and kept exploring and testing web media and displays.