Rivalspot is a social gaming network that connect players from around the world for intense competition through your Xbox or PS3.


Wire-framing gaming sites

Game websites are a little bit of a mystery. You won’t find them in the popular CSS-showcases since they are seldom fully CSS-based; The FWA, for example, has added only a few game sites this year. Over the years, Zoom has worked with a wide range of online casinos and gaming companies as well as a few  amalgamated groups. This project was no different. Zoom has helped Rivalspot re brand itself (including acquisition of the brand), marketing and full web development. The strategies developed by Zoom helped deploy revenue generating products.


Spring 2012

Is it extremely hard to create stunning websites and responsive applications?

Usually the choice between the Flash-layout and HTML/CSS-layout isn’t that complicated. Flash, being a dynamic and highly interactive medium, definitely has its advantages, but in most cases HTML5/CSS is easier to build, less expensive and is also easier to maintain. Zoom had to jump-in-deep and restructure dated flash components that were poorly restructured and build up a mind plan for the mobile gamers. A website that is created to promote or sell a product should always try to avoid elements that frustrate the user, especially in the gaming space.