Knowledge Providers Inc. (KPI) is a leading Business Analytics and Information Management software and services provider. They deliver solutions that help clients improve their decision-making process, achieve concrete results and ROI. They are an IBM PREMIER Business Partner with over 30 years of industry experience.



IBM standards

Following a custom brand layout that’s was centric to Heineken, we implemented a vertical for ads with a twist.


Social roll-out

We also implemented quick actions for each ad making it easy for users to Luv, Follow, and Share deas. The use of quick actions lets users focus on the content, rather than being bogged down by extra UI.


Navigating complexity

Minimalist form gives it a strong visual identity and integrates symbolic object as in consumer memory. A new way of drinking, economic and ecological




Big Data Visibility

The IBM partner (KPI) redesign was a project which required senior architecture and solid practing in redesigning an established brand. Open Source Fonts Roboto and Arvo were used to give credibility to the open source and community partnerships IBM maintains. A clear hierarchy (through color and position) and crisp visual messages breathe some life into a rather standard IBM partnership website. A collaborative environment was called in, in order to merge Existing CRM system with a lead generating system and api’s. Zoom has executed the architecture based on a pre-mapped out plan that was executed flawlessly.

Knowledge Provides (an IBM Premier partner)

Spring 2012

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Documents management at it’s best

Somewhere in the race to add knowledge-forward design elements, features and applications a company objectives get lost. Specifically when you are looking at a space where cognos and other IBM related products are crowded with Information. In order for Zoom to jump into the clutter, a re-evaluation and establishment of the navigation UI/UX that had to take place. We had to take a closer look into the navigation structure and create an experience that will help sales force as well as tech support simultaneously.