QuickHit™ Football UI/UX

QUICKHIT Football is an interactive, authentic football experience that lets you build, coach and manage your team to victory. Call the plays, pick the formations and manage the clock to dominate your opponent.



Team edit UI

Stunning 3D visuals – Remodifying a full 3D environment, featuring brilliant TV-style camera angles and great new animations.


Quick edit UI

We are a huge fan of uncommon and experimental layouts, simply because they go against the norm. Zoom also enjoyed pushing the limits of design, trying new things, and attempting to come up with brand new ideas. That is the main reason for this UI Experiment, it’s another opportunity to try out and uncommon experimental layout.


Game platform design

This set is perfect for creating a UI style for a casual, mobile, or social game. We’ve worked on graphic style libraries with all the buttons, texts, dividers, and other styles you see here. Each graphic style used is a single layer, and can be applied with one click, Fully Scaleable, with unlimited resolution.




Re-think Social sports.

As far as real in-game changes go, players will have the ability to play a set of NFL challenges that are pulled directly from the history books. While they may not have the exact players that you remember, the scenarios will certainly be there. You’ll also be able to play through either a full NFL season or just the playoffs.

On top of all of those in-game additions, Zoom developers have also updated the presentation ante. They’re adding both new commentary from the likes of Bill Cowher and an entirely updated look for the in-game visuals. Everything looks smoother, without the noticeable pixels that were present in the last version. When you factor in the finer graphical quality with having every NFL team’s logo and uniforms in the game, Quick Hit is getting very close to providing the free to play football experience that pigskin diehards are really after.

Quick Hit Football (QHF)
Spring 2012

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About the Project

Quick Hit Football (QHF) was a free online American football game. The Quick Hit company has started in 2008 by Jeffrey Anderson,and went public in September 2009. Quick Hit Football offered single player against CPU opponents and multi-player against human opponents. Quick Hit Football was based on user play-calling. On September 8, 2010, the NFL was integrated into Quick Hit Football and was granted the official license from the NFL. A few months later, Zoom front end creative team and developers have helped with the branding and architecture the web presence and mobile roll out.