Heiniken Media Splash



Ad campaign

Following a custom brand layout tha was centric to Heineken, Zoom implemented a vertical for ads with a twist.


Social adoring

We also implemented quick actions for each ad making it easy for users to Luv, Follow, and Share ideas. The use of quick actions lets users focus on the content, rather than being bogged down by extra UI.


Moving the Cube

The cube concept derived from a minimalist approach that projects a strong visual identity and integrates symbolic objects in consumer memory. A new way of drinking that is economic and ecological




Modular Branding

Heineken opened entry to an exciting design project that invites emerging designers from New York City, São Paulo, Tokyo and Milan to become part of a creative journey to collaborate on, conceive and produce a pioneering concept. To inspire these 19 up-and-coming designers, Heineken and InSites Consulting have set up an online research community with over 100 clubbers from around the globe, followed by a big briefing and proper introduction.


Spring 2012

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About the Project

Heineken has always proven that they have an extraordinary marketing department by creating ingenious and catchy advertisements. When you are reading this you’re probably thinking at the walking fridge commercial on TV but that’s not the only ad that should have caught your attention. Besides the TV ads on which they focused their effort, Zoom also put their talent in making some interesting print advertisements.