GI Vision HTML5 Mask Configurator

Surviving the Strategy

GI Vision is a sub brand of GI Sportz and the leading configurable goggle which used in speedball competitions. Speedball is played in an open field filled with inflatable fabric “bunkers” which can be used for protection and or concealment. Speedball is generally a fast-paced game where many more balls are used than in woodsball style games.


Zoom has been asked to work on an HTML5 product Configurator that will help retailers sell goggles, using a tool that will provide the buyers the ability to switch between the different mask combinations. Zoom’s 3D artists modeled the HTML5 configurator and the developers worked on the frame work, utilizing complex technologies to enhance the user experience.

Retail change
As a result of a test run, retailer’s targeted website traffic have improved dramatically since launch of the configurable maps on a retail wireframes websites. Organic search traffic has increased, with top rankings for high-impact search terms. At present, plans are underway to expand the web application to service other areas of business and expand into while label opportunities. We’ll keep you posted..

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