GI Sportz

G.I Sportz Manufacturers of 68cal and 50cal paintballs and paintball related products including mechanical and electronic Paintball Markers and associated safety products, Paintball Gear and pods.


Marketing paintball

Paintball is a sport in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with gelatin shell capsules that contain water soluble dye (i.e. paintballs) propelled from devices called paintball markers (i.e. paintball guns).

Revitalize ui

These days (yes, now..), a major Online user interface update, and a complete overhaul is taking place. The “extreme” user interface has grown over the years and was getting unwieldy, and it just looks “old”.

Painting a better picture

As we’ll see, Zoom is putting a lot of effort into making features easier to find, decreasing the clutter, and making it easier to navigate throughout the product pages.




Combining Ideas.

Many paintball companies overlook the “behind-the-scenes” work associated with competitive game production. What we’ve learn from working in the gaming industry can go along way in the paintball space and act as a perfect business model. Luckily, “team 7”, the team that is working on GI architecture, have come up with some ideas based on FPS model we’re all so familiar with. Exciting things are in the horizon..

G.I Sportz

Winter 2013 – Ongoing

HTML5 Configurator


Gamify me

Outside of the fresh look Zoom was hired to work on by G.I. Sportz, a gamification platform suggestion was in the pipe line as well. Now, we know gamification. Since 2008, we’ve been a major part of the rise of gamification with the creation of some properties in the online gaming industry, as well as using the name Gamify before there were google results for the term.