Falcon Ridge iPad App

Falcon Ridge nestled on the southern slope of the Sumas Mountains in Abbotsford, Falcon Ridge is a community of boutique homes featuring breathtaking views of Mount Baker and the Fraser Valley.

plan the works then work the plans

People are increasingly using their smartphones as a replacement for desktop computers, even for activities such as shopping and purchasing homes. And as more people move away from the desktop and onto mobile-optimized websites to shop for products and services, Zoom has established design patterns to help kickstart a mobile e-commerce for projects such as Falcon Ridge.

When visited on mobile devices, FR home pages are often less about content and more about helping users find what they are looking for. Common patterns are simple single-column layouts for promotions and single-column lists of links to featured website areas or categories. Keyword search is commonly included on home pages, as are links to store locators and registration forms for promotional emails and loyalty programs in order to drive potential buyers in.