BR Environmental Re-branding

Brooksroad Landfill is committed to providing cost-effective and environmentally-sound disposal for a wide range of solid and special waste generated by residents and businesses.




The Event Technology that was implemented was the first program established to recognize the power of integrating technology across events and trade shows.



We must confess that this job turned us into environment addicts. Yes, by just throwing 5 very different merchandisers tools, we were able to get the attention that was very well deserved.


Team Groups

We wanted the locals to understand the bigger picture because context makes people tell (and sell) a better story. They needed to think of themselves as totally believable. They have to care about the job, care about the product and care about the brand.




Organic growth.

BR Environmental is a sustainable landfill operating in the GTA, Southwestern Ontario and across Canada. With a capacity of 500 tonnes per day we have the ability to meet the waste disposal needs of 5 million people without sacrificing our commitment to protect the surrounding environment.

BR Environmental

Spring 2013

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About the Project

Brooks Road has hired Zoom to re-brand a new website, using unique marketing and technology tools. The campaign has spread out through media campaigns, billboards, group e-vites, landing pages and recyclable spots.