For over 47 years, Romspen managed a successful mortgage investment fund. In 2006, Zoom was asked to help form an open-end investment fund website focused on a portfolio of commercial investments.

Monetizing mortgages

Commercial Real estate is a valuable and often expensive purchase. Romspen research is done by commercial buyers before venturing out to acquire real estate. In this day and age, gathering information about a property is typically done online, and an effective and captivating website design can make or break a sale.


Commercial Property realtors want to convey the message that they’re reliable and well-established. They want buyers to feel that they will be purchasing property from a company that’s dependable, steadfast and time-tested. That’s why most of them opt for a classic and sophisticated theme for their websites, rather than a sleek, modern theme. Zoom has helped Romspen achieve exactly that by rolling out a website and a responsive theme to go with that.

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