iDocUSA is creating a new trend in the Eyewear industry. It combines passion, fashion and lots of that vision stuff...

Making eyeballs pop

The worldwide market for high quality prescription frames and sunglasses is highly competitive. We’re happy to announce the upcoming launch of the redesigned iDocUSA Eyewear site. iDocUSA is a luxury eyewear shop that has been in business for many years, the longest in the area. It’s especially known for branding the highest quality frames and lenses, which they grind themselves.


Clear vision

Following a custom brand layout that’s was centric to iDocUSA, Zoom took a fashion driven approach to a very standard eyewear leading industry site.


App details

Zoom has created fluid UI elements that mesh well with the content of the contact lenses store. With this UI, users can find the contact lenses they are looking for, in real time, and get familiar with their “new set of eyes” prior to ordering the lenses.


Simplifying Frameworks

When you mix Fashion with a strong visual identity, the goal of this strategy is to increase customer base and retention by associating the iDocUSA brand with adrenaline-pumping excitement that includes style, fun, humor, pop culture, sexy women and most importantly: Fashion eyewear.


Taking a closer look

When looking at disruption in the eyewear space, most people talk about cutting out the middleman and selling eyewear directly to consumers. However, there is a new disruptor in town and its name is iDocUSA. iDocUSA turned to Zoom in order to create a community experience, that at the same time, serve as a great complement to the e-commerce sales through their website. A lot is going on behind the scenes, iDocUSA has provided a turnkey solution for potential partners who are ready to jump on board. There is something to say about companies that are run by women, as they specifically understand what their demographics miss in a very cluttered, brand oriented eyewear arena.

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